Roofers insurance is vital business cover for any builder or specialist tradesmen working on projects that involve stripping, tiling or felting roofs on any building.

Just replacing a few tiles as a general builder or roofing as a specialist contractor both present the same risks to person and property.

It’s not how often you may do the work, but the fact that you do it anyway.

Roofing insurance comes in two types – including or excluding heat.

The heat option applies to roofers dealing with felt roofs, so any tradesman cold roofing with tiles or similar materials can go for a heat exclusive policy.

Insurers look at a number of risks for roofers –

• Working at height – enough public liability cover is needed to deal with dropping heavy materials, falls or accidents like putting a foot through a ceiling

• Danger to the public – many roofs front on to roads and pavements, so again, the right public liability cover is essential

• Risks to employees – any roofer employing staff needs employer liability cover by law to safeguard the business against claims for injury

Other add-ons to consider are damage to neighbouring properties, insurance for tools, vans and lorries.

A roofing business might want to bundle in goods in transit cover to protect materials collected and transported for clients.

Before buying roofer insurance, run through the sort of work the business undertakes and make sure the policy covers the risks.

Ignore the cost, but look for the right cover to put together a short list of roofer insurance companies.

Once the right cover is quoted, choose the best value for money roofer insurance.

Specialist brokers with a network of business insurance contacts should be able to help run through the risk assessment and draw up the short list of suitable policies.