We have been in lockdown what feels like all of 2020 already and I think the one thing nearly all of us can agree on is…our waistlines have taken the biggest hit.

The NHS is apparently on a 10,000,000 plus waiting list since we have gone in lockdown and there are serious concerns that this will just get bigger when lockdown ends.

We have seen excessive drinking on the rise, people unbale to access gyms so workouts have gone out the window and with everyone getting used to sitting around all day our eating habit has been slack also.

Let us have a look at some of the things we can do stay health during the lockdown and make sure we look after our wellbeing as well as our waistlines.

Keep Moving

One of the biggest issues people have found in lockdown are gyms are closed so their workouts have understandably gone out the window.

We are fortunate enough to still be able to go out on walks and runs so why not increase the number of steps you do daily to help keep the pounds off.

If we consider that 10,000 extra steps can burn 2000 to 3500 calories a day and one pound of fat is 3500 calories- just getting out and about walking can really keep the pounds off.

Booze Free Weekdays

It has been recently reported across the United Kingdom there has been a surge in alcohol sales during lockdown whilst brits are unable to access their local pubs.

Drinking daily can have a significant impact on your mental health and you should consider taking at least five days off drinking a week to let your liver recover and support your mental health.

If you are struggling to go five days without alcohol there are a number of support services you can reach out to help you.

Treat Days

One of the biggest factors to gaining weight in lockdown is excessive eating- most of us have been overindulging and often need that extra comfort so obviously comfort food has been on the rise.

Gaining weight does not just impact our health but also negatively impacts our wellbeing and our day to day lives.

It’s worth trying to stick to your usual or even try and be healthier plan s on weekdays and then choose one day at the weekend to treat yourself after a long exercise.