1. Why offer this service?

Insurance Publisher was born out of necessity. Having been an online insurance intermediary for some time we were frustrated at the lack of publication and syndication resources dedicated specifically to insurance brokers and companies.

2. Does Insurance Publisher supply content?

No. We publish and promote your content, each piece must be a minimum of 300 words. In the near future we will be offering a content writing service from experienced insurance authors at reasonable rates. Watch this space.

3. If I join and then leave what happens to my content?

Good question. If you have been with us 3 months or more and choose to leave for whatever reason your content will remain live and continue to work for you. Within 3 months we would take tour content down, sorry, but we have to protect our members from short term abuse of the service.

4. What do you mean by “Powerful Partner Site”?

Carefully selected partner sites publish only content from Insurance Publisher members and these are websites that have been on the net for a long time, earning trust and respect from readers and search engines alike. And before anyone asks we don’t reveal our publishing resources to non-members. Each publishing site makes it clear to visitors that they should seek the permission of the content owner prior to any re-publication.

5. Explain more about “Publish and Promote”?

We don’t just publish and go. Shortly after your content goes live we will “bookmark” it on some of the web’s most popular bookmarking sites as well ad delivering your message to lots more readers’ eyes by the correct and efficient use of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Feeds to alert other services that you have published something new and interesting. We will also Tweet your new stuff and convert your content to audio Podcasts for further distribution. Insurance Publisher is always developing new resources for clients and these will be made available to current members without extra charge.

6. What about Links?

We are happy for you to add two links at the end of your piece by way of Signature. Also we are happy for you to include one hyperlink in the body content, but that’s the limit.

7. What about Duplicate Content?

We don’t get too hung up about “duplicate content”, after all that’s exactly what a press release is, the same piece published across lots of websites. That said we do care about quality, so submissions with significant grammatical / spelling errors or machine-generated content will be rejected.

8. Do I have control over my content once published?

Yes. We will supply a login that will allow you to edit or delete your content as and when you feel the need to, without interference from us.

9. Is Insurance Publisher Secure?

Yes, of course. We take regular backups and take data security very seriously. We also have automated systems to pick up abuse of our service and will react to any such abuse promptly to protect our members’ interests.

10. What payment methods are available?

We prefer recurring monthly billing via Paypal. Paypal will allow you to pay via your own Paypal account or a Card of your choice. If this does not suit you please contact the Webmaster to arrange an alternative, which will be quarterly in advance. All prices include VAT at the current rate.