Café owners have no need to cry over spilt milk when comprehensive and affordable cafe insurance is on the menu with so many providers.

For starters, they should look at their business in detail to make sure they buy the cover the really need and do not pay out for extras they may never claim.

Cafe insurance covers several main business areas – liability, business interruption, buildings, contents and vehicles.


Public liability insurance protects against customers claiming for sickness or injury from something they have eaten, or for slips and trips on the premises.

By law, cafes must take out employer liability insurance that extends the same cover as public liability insurance to employees.

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Business interruption

Business interruption pays out likely profits lost when a cafe cannot open for business – for instance, after a fire, flood or a break-in.

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Buildings insurance

Only building owners should take out this cover, so the landlord should have their own policy covering rented cafes.

Add-ons to standard buildings cover can include:

• Accidental damage to fixed glass – This looks after the cost of boarding up and replacing windows, frames and doors

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Contents insurance

Contents covers stock, computers, business records, machinery and equipment the office needs to operate. This cover is the responsibility of the trader not the freeholder if the cafe is rented.

Add-ons to standard contents insurance can include:

• Money cover – Compensation for stolen cash, stamps, cheques or postal orders

• Stolen key replacement – Pays for new locks and keys to secure the office from burglars

For cafes sending out food and drinks, business car or van insurance is required – plus think about goods-in-transit insurance should stock coming from a cash-and-carry or supplier or foodstuffs going out to customers suffer loss, or damage while en route.