Insurance Publisher

Specialist insurance syndication services for articles, posts and press releases from insurance brokers and companies that want to make their online content work harder for them.

Here at Insurance Publisher we concentrate on one thing, getting your insurance content quickly and effectively syndicated on the web to increase your online presence and bring more visitors to your site.

We do this by publishing your article, press release, news item or commentary on a carefully chosen set of powerful partner sites, each one with a tight niche focus on the insurance industry. But we dont stop there. Your content will also be socially bookmarked and submitted to the top aggregators by RSS Feed. Publish and promote, thats our motto.

So why would you want to use our service?

Firstly to get your online content in front of more eyes who will hopefully go on to avail of your product or service. Secondly to strengthen and consolidate your online presence in the eyes of the most important search engine spiders, by publishing good quality content on reputable resources. And last but not least to get an edge over your competitors in the brutally competitive world of insurance online.

What makes us different?

There are a lot of very good content publishing and syndicaton services out there but in our opinion they all lack focus. We publsh insurance and insurance only, so your message doesnt get lost in a sea of other articles on all manner of subjects. Our partner sites have become a wealth of insurance information and only members, restricted in number, get to publish on them. Also we are continually adding new resources for our members to avail of.

Yes we do charge a monthly membership to ensure we work with only serious insurance marketers, but we dont distract and clutter your content with paid ads. Yes we do review submitted content, but the quality is to the benefit of all our members.

How does it work?

Sign up, submit your content, we review and publish it within 24 hours typically. We have two packages, Lite designed for the small broker or agency and Professional for larger insurance companies and marketing agencies. We accept content from any English speaking country. For more info please visit our Frequently Asked Questions section.